integral hike trek:
point beach state forest

      by bodymindspiritworks  LLC

We commit to creating and finding places of sanctuary,
    of tranquility, of peace;
places for seeking goodness, truth, beauty;
places of healing, of deep learning, of transformation;
places of integrity and wholeness, justice, love.

We commit to living lives that are good and beautiful and true,
lives that are integrated and whole,
lives that draw energy from our hearts and souls,
lives that are supported and nourished
    by the systems and environments we create and care for.

a full-day integral hikes at Point Beach State Forest

Dates of Point Beach/Ice Age Trail hikes:

  1. Saturday 1 May 2021 hike
  2. future Point Beach-Ice Age Trail hikes TBA

Point Beach State Forest is located on the shore of Lake Michigan just north of Two Rivers, Wisconsin. Here are some links to more information about this unique Wisconsin natural area and these particular treks. Download the registration form and equipment list in particular.

>> Wisconsin DNR web page for Point Beach State Forest
>> map of Point Beach State Forest and trails (PDF)
>> equipment list for integral hikes (PDF)

>> registration form for Saturday 1 May 2021 (PDF)

Point Beach State Forest is a 2,903-acre (1,175 ha) Wisconsin state forest near Two Rivers, Wisconsin in Manitowoc County. The forest is located along 6 miles (9.7 km) of the Lake Michigan coast and features sand beach, dunes formations, birch-poplar forest, cedar woods, and finally oak forest in very quick succession from the water's edge. Along with hike and bike trails within the boundaries of the state forest, a segment of the Ice Age Trail runs through the entire length of the park.

Point Beach State Forest was established in 1938. The Point Beach Ridges, a National Natural Landmark, are located within the forest.

We will begin at the North end of the park at the lodge where there is a large parking lot. From there we will hike South along the Ice Age Trail as far as Molash Creek (mostly wooded), where we will pause for lunch and some mid-day journal work. After lunch, we will return along the beach iself back to the lodge where we will have supper!

On registration, each participant will receive "before you go" materials including trek information, map(s), and journal work to do before the day of the trek. At the site, participants will receive a metal water bottle, journal notebook and pencil, hand sanitizer and wipes, and a disposable facemask (all yours to keep). We'll provide a bag lunch and cooked supper as well. See the registration form above for a complete description. The writing exercises are drawn from a number of proven approaches, all with the intention of facilitating your awakening. This Integral Trek will work your body, calm your mind, and lift your spirit!

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